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  • Ahmad Sadri
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"Cat and Mouse"—A Muslim Fable About Human Nature
This lecture will explore a seven-hundred-year-old satirical poem. The poet is Obeyd of Zakan (circa 1300-1370 CE) who lived in perilous times, between the two devastating invasions of Iran by the Mongol and Uzbek hordes. Obeyd wrote a great deal of traditional prose and poetry but he is known for his satire. The Fable of the Cat and Mouse (a 75-line poem) is his most famous work. Ahmad translated it in the summer of 2014, while in Tehran, preserving the rhyme and the unique play on meter that gives the poem its immortal form. Despite its playful surface, this fable offers a unique philosophical anthropology and political philosophy that is a profound reflection of the chaotic times of the poet. Its themes are powerfully relevant to human culture regardless of time and place, perhaps especially to our own troubled period.

Dates and Times

7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Thursday, June 8