Common Ground is pleased to offer two ongoing programs in spiritual practice: Monday evenings, Meditation with Laura Bernstein and Fridays, The Enneagram with Rosemary Hurwitz. Read on for more information.
Some folks have asked for guidance in using the CG Web Site. Here are a few hints.
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It’s not easy to ask for help. We all know that. It’s harder still for a not-for-profit whose supporters have rightly come to take it for granted. Yes, CG asks regularly for contributions, but that should never be taken as a sign of organizational weakness.
Be sure to check the latest Donors Honor Roll on display in the rear of the CG classroom.
Did you know that our tuition only covers 30% of our costs? To stay alive and vital, CG needs your help.
The latest CG Bulletin (Winter 2017) is now available for download.
It's already in the mail. And we are now uploading Winter 2017 programs to this web site.

We hope you enjoy the wonderful array of resource persons and programs!

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Here's the list of the great teachers who will be presenting this Winter at CG Deerfield and our Satellites. They're all distinguished thinkers, scholars, and presenters. Get to know them all. Our faculty and our participants are our most precious assets. Click "Read More" to view the entire list. 

Don't miss the new "Sea Change Blog" just below this "Common Ground Blog." The CG Blog contains news of interest to Common Ground participants. The Sea Change Blog contains the reflections of Jim Kenney (and others) on the topic of cultural evolution.

We're sorry to say that Ken James class on Wednesday, March 15 (tomorrow) is cancelled.